Re: MEGAsync license issues

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-ports <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 20:27:50 UTC
From: Robert Clausecker <> wrote on
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 14:43:26 +0200 :

> A port for MEGAsync [1] has been requested [2].  Unfortunately,
> MEGAsync comes with a license [3] that is too restrictive to allow
> for a port to be made.  So I went ahead and asked the project, if
> they would give permission for a FreeBSD port to be made.  This
> permission was granted [4].  Do I need to record this grant with
> core_at_ in accordance with ยง11 of the committer's guide [5]?  Or does
> it suffice to ship a copy of this issue with the port?
> Yours,
> Robert Clausecker
> [1]:

May be FreeBSD can be added to the Windows, OS X, and
Linux documentation for how to download and build?

> [2]:
> [3]:
> [4]:
> [5]:

[I'll note that they document that: "review" means to access,
analyse, test and otherwise review the code as a reference, for
the sole purpose of analysing it for defects.]

Looks to me like the port/package still needs to deal with:

	2 You may provide the code to anyone else and publish
excerpts of it for the purposes of review and commentary,
provided that when you do so you make any recipient of the code
aware of the terms of this licence and that you attribute the
code to Mega.

and, possibly, (17), "Our IP", of .
(I'll not quote it here.) reports:

Our client side apps are licensed under a custom licence and our
core libraries (such as the Software Development Kit) are licensed
under more permissive licences. The licence for each project can
be found in the respective code repositories.

You can find links to our most popular source code repositories
below. For our smaller libraries you can find them on our general
GitHub page. If you would like to use our code commercially in a
way which is outside the scope of these licences, please contact
us to discuss.

Notably the SDK is BSD 2-Clause "Simplified License"
( ) but
MEGAsync is not. It looks like, beyond "review", MEGAsync
would require the "please contact us to discuss".

Seems complicated enough to likely want the:

process to be followed.

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