Re: No package builds for arm{v6,v7,64} FreeBSD 13

From: Ronald Klop <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 08:09:43 UTC
Van: Robert Clausecker <>
Datum: zondag, 11 juli 2021 11:18
Onderwerp: No package builds for arm{v6,v7,64} FreeBSD 13
> Good morning,
> I was wondering why no packages for arm64, armv6, and armv7 FreeBSD 13.0
> have been built for the main branch in a while.  Is there some sort of
> policy to no longer build packages for these or is there some sort of
> problem?
> I would really like to be able to upgrade my FreeBSD 13 arm64 boxen.
> Yours,
> Robert Clausecker
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As nobody with more official knowledge responded yet I'll chime in.

The pkg build cluster is configured for:
main-arm64 (FreeBSD 14-CURRENT): default branch
130arm64: quarterly branch
122arm64: quarterly branch

For armv6/7 I only see pkg builds for main (default branch) and 130 (quarterly branch).

To answer your question: AFAIK this is a choice about pkg build capacity and not a problem on the build cluster.
So for your FreeBSD 13 arm64 boxen I advice to follow the quarterly ports branch.
You can do this by changing "latest" to "quarterly" in the url in /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf.