Re: Can PHP downloads be put on distcache?

From: DutchDaemon - FreeBSD Forums Administrator <>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2021 11:24:02 UTC
On 24/12/2021 09:08, Christian Ullrich wrote:
> Hello,
> PHP have, apparently recently, broken ports downloads by putting their CDN's I-guess-you-are-not-human-so-go-away-right-now "protection" in front of MASTER_SITES=PHP.
> In lieu of working around this by, say, downloading from GitHub [1] instead, is it possible to carry the archives on distcache, at least until the PHP people regain their senses? How do I request that from the correct people?
> Thanks, clusteradm <> (Cc:) - does this hat 
fit you?