Re: USES_GCC: is "yes:build+" valid?

From: Rebecca Cran <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 20:47:57 UTC
cc marcus@

It looks like this might be a bug in portlint.

Rebecca Cran

On 12/12/21 13:27, Rebecca Cran wrote:
> I'm working on updating sysutils/uefi-edk2-bhyve and ran portlint.
> It's complaining about the "USE_GCC:yes:build" line, saying:
> WARN: Makefile: [22]: Setting a specific version for USE_GCC should 
> only be done as a last resort.  Unless you have confirmed this port 
> does not build with later versions of GCC, please use USE_GCC=yes:build+.
> I didn't see any documentation for "yes:build+" online, so I was 
> wondering if that's really valid?