Re: Help needed on a possible multiple ports maintainer reset

From: Fernando_Apesteguía <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 06:14:38 UTC
El lun., 23 ago. 2021 23:03, Nuno Teixeira <> escribió:

> Hello!
> I'm an young committer and I found this PR
> <> interesting
> because of a possible multiple ports maintainer reset so other people could
> adopt port unmaintained.
> Need some experienced committer that takes a look and give some advice
> about maintaner reset.

Hi Nuno,

Since both you an submitter (Sergei) checked that the current maintainer
(Cory) has not been around for long, I would go with the proposed change
and let the submitter be the new maintainer.

That would be only for

Now, if Cory has more unmaintained ports (can't check right now) and Sergei
steps up to take the task, I would ask him to open a new PR requesting
maintainership. If he doesn't, it might still be good to open the PR and
reset maintainership. That way at least more people would be notified via
portscout when there is a new upstream version. Someone might come along
and update the port :-)


> Thanks,
> Nuno Teixeita