Re: How do I depend on a python port without caring about flavor

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 03:40:23 UTC
Thank you for the reply.

However, for the ports listed below...

> On 20/08/2021 7:07 am, Tatsuki Makino wrote:
>> devel/llvm{-devel,12,11,10,90,80,70}
>> databases/rrdtool
>> graphics/opencv
>> and astro/geographiclib (which IS maintained by me :) )

... strange things seem to occur.

For example, in the following dependency graph, the FLAVOR will be unbreakable?

↑(up arrow)
↑(up arrow)

I don't know if anyone else uses geographiclib :), but do the ports that are sandwiched by dependencies always have to support flavor?
geographiclib has not yet supported FLAVOR.
If it tries to be built with a command like the following, the build will stop for the reason "FLAVOR is defined (to py37) while this port does not have FLAVORS".

make -C /usr/ports/astro/geographiclib/ build FLAVOR=py37
poudriere bulk -j jail -C astro/geographiclib@py37

And... can ports that switch files to be installed in PYTHON_SITELIBDIR (e.g. llvm*, rrdtool and opencv) be prefixed with PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX in package name?
If the package name changes in the middle of the history, the users of the package may not be able to follow it. (e.g. libopenshot- -> py37-libopenshot-

I'm a little confused as I write :), but I have some questions about that.

Sorry for starting to stray from the original question.