Re: pkg check -ad, llvm10 is missing a required shared library

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 01:47:00 UTC
Tatsuki Makino wrote on 2021/08/10 07:48:
> pkg-1.17.1/libpkg/pkg_elf.c has function filter_system_shlibs.
> However, that function is a static function.
> Since pkg-check doesn't seem to pass any other such function, pkg check -B will add the system library to the database.

This is probably a mistake.

readelf -d /usr/local/llvm10/lib/ returns the following RUNPATH.

0x000000000000001d RUNPATH              Library runpath: [$ORIGIN/../lib:$ORIGIN/../../../../lib:/usr/local/lib]

I think it's used to create a value that requires /usr/local/llvm10/../../../../lib/ instead of /lib/ when the shlib_list_from_rpath function in pkg-1.17.1/libpkg/elfhints.c is executed.
It seems that /usr/local/llvm10/../../../../lib is not a target of filter_system_shlibs.

This is also still my prediction. :)