FreeBSD ports of OpenBSD relayd(8) and ldapd(8)

From: Jean-Pierre de Villiers <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2021 17:52:55 UTC
I've been actively using relayd(8) on FreeBSD but, due to its age, the
TLS support is somewhat lacking.  Hence, I've resorted to  wrapping
connections in TLS using stunnel(8), which works perfectly but is less
ideal I would suppose.

Before I try and do anything myself, I was curious whether or not anyone
has already made progress in this?  If not, I thought a good strategy
might involve adapting the approach used for the obhttpd(8) port as they
even have very similar dependencies.

I've never made a port before, so if no one has any interest in this,
any suggestions would be welcome.  I'm certain however, that between
Porter's Hanbook and using obhttpd(8) as a reference, I should be able
to figure out.

As for ldapd(8), there seems to be a functioning port on GitHub by
Nikola Kolev  It has not been commited to
the ports tree yet, though, from what I can tell.

He also happens to be the official maintainer for relayd(8) but, unless
I'm mistaken, the correct practice is to query the ports mailing list as
opposed to the maintainer?  My apologies otherwise.