Re: RFC: vim default GUI

From: Pietro Cerutti <>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 12:08:26 UTC
On Aug 02 2021, 11:51 UTC, Adam Weinberger <> wrote:
>Hello, ports users,
>I’ve never liked that the default vim package has a huge number of 
>dependencies. GTK3 is a beast of a dependency, carrying dozens of 
>packages with it. I would like to reduce this, but I want to gain 
>insight from you all first.
>My thought is to flavorize the port and make separate packages for each 
>of the GUI toolkits: -console (TUI-only), -gtk3, -gtk2, -x11, -motif, 
>etc. I would like to make -console the default, meaning that the 
>DEFAULT vim port is console-only.
>This would be disruptive: the default package would no longer come with 
>My question is: how disruptive would this be for you? Would requiring 
>people to install vim-gtk3 rather than vim be unduly burdensome? Would 
>it be better to maintain the status quo? I’m really interested in your 
>insight here.

I'd love a console-only vim by default!

Pietro Cerutti