[Bug 258594] [NEW PORT] databases/keydb: Key-value storage, SMP-enabled redis fork

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Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2023 19:48:23 UTC

Daniel Engberg <diizzy@FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Daniel Engberg <diizzy@FreeBSD.org> ---
I apologize that we haven't been able to address this in a timely manner. There
are no requirements to test ports on anything else than FreeBSD (including
"variants" such as mfsBSD etc) however it speeds up the process if you mention
on what version(s) you've used and platform (i386, amd64, aarch64) both working
and non working. It also helps (speeds up the process) if you're able to at
least do one build test using Poudriere. As long as someone is willing to
maintain keydb I'll have a closer look (there are a few things that needs to
get changed/updated) but it looks good overall otherwise I'll close it again.

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