[Bug 268700] devel/bsddialog: Update to 0.4

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Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2023 02:47:21 UTC

            Bug ID: 268700
           Summary: devel/bsddialog: Update to 0.4
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: takefu@airport.fm

Created attachment 239187
  --> https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=239187&action=edit


        * fix: default space separator menus output, except if --separator " ".
        * rename: GNUMakefile to GNUmakefile to simplify linux build.
            Thanks to https://gitlab.com/alfix/bsddialog/-/merge_requests/2.

        * fix: t.dialog.linelowercolor no bold-black, some terminal draws grey.
        * fix: text wrapping (actual string length) with --colors.

2022-09-24 Version 0.4

        * add: --normal-screen to set normal mode.
        * add: --alternate-screen to set alternate mode.
        * add: --keep-tite as --alternate-screen alias.
        * add: --and-dialog to build other dialogs.
        * add: --and-widget as --and-dialog alias.
        * add: --no-names (--no-tags becames its alias).
        * add: --no-descriptions (--no-items becames its alias).
        * add: --help-print-name (--help-tags becames its alias).
        * add: --item-bottom-desc (--item-help becames its alias).
        * add: --cr-wrap (was partially implemented) to keep '\n' with "\n".
        * add: --text-unchanged to avoid default modification.
        * add: --tab-escape to enable "\t" in text.
        * add: --clear-screen to clear the screen.
        * add: --clear-dialog to clear the dialog (was --clear).
        * add: --calendar dialog to select a date.
        * add: DIAGNOSTICS messages for bad arguments number.
        * add: DIAGNOSTICS messages for missing and unexpected options.
        * change: --clear becames alias for --clear-screen.
        * change: --print-maxsize format output.
        * change: --menu, --radiolist, --checklist and --treeview output.
            - no printed items with Cancel or ESC.
            - --separator prints <sepstr> before each item except HELP.
            - --separator and --separate-output print <sepstr> after each item.
            - quoted item name/desc only when needed.
            - --menu avoids to print selected item after focused HELP item.
        * change: text default modification.
            - without a "\n": '\t' -> space, '\n' -> '\n', trim spaces.
            - with a "\n": '\t' -> space, '\n' -> space, "\n" -> '\n', no trim.
            - delete '\n' after "\n" (also with --cr-wrap).
        * change: --datebox input and output format yy/mm/dd -> dd/mm/yy.
        * delete: --no-collapse (partially implemented).
        * delete: --no-nl-expand (partially implemented).
        * delete: --trim (partially implemented).

        * add: bsddialog_msgbox() HOME, END, PPAGE and NPAGE keys.
        * add: bsddialog_yesno() HOME, END, PPAGE and NPAGE keys.
        * add: bsddialog_menu() SPACE key (equivalent to ENTER).
        * add: bsddialog_calendar() to select a date.
        * change: rename enum bsddialog_grouptype -> enum bsddialog_menutype.
        * change: fixed-menurows becames at most menurows (depending on text).
        * change: fixed-rows becames at most rows, min(rows, screenH - shadow).
        * change: fixed-cols becames at most cols, min(cols, screenW - shadow).
        * delete: undocumented internal bsddialog_menuitem.depth factor (was

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