[Bug 251117] [NEW PORT] www/palemoon: Open-source web browser

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2023 22:06:03 UTC

--- Comment #115 from Matt A. Tobin <email@mattatobin.com> ---
Pale Moon's classification at least when I was there of an unofficial build is
basically just an expression of willingness to put a logo on it and if you
should expect it to work and if you should blame us if it doesn't. Limited
granted but simple to follow. Heh.. as if.

You guys could likely turn unofficial into official if you expressed interest.
Since I ain't there don't let that stop you guys if that is really what you
want and they could use it right now.

Reviving WhiteStar is pointless because for reasons I am not privy or
particularly interested in the worst prospect for survival of a no-name project
by fanatics is not gonna be on Apple Hardware but since that is what they have
chosen to do and dbsoft is back in charge of it and seemingly doing a job Pale
Moon users are happy with it kinda makes Whitestar redundant since it was only
created because of past issues in collaboration. As I vaguely care to
understand he is keeping whitestar around for testing and experimentation but
not really as a mainline project except knowing him I am sure he would fall
back if they fell out again.

I hope these insights help.

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