[Bug 270550] [NEW PORT] misc/makenl FidoNet NODELIST Generator Program

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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 00:20:55 UTC

Robert Clausecker <fuz@FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Robert Clausecker <fuz@FreeBSD.org> ---
Thank you for your submission.


 - prefer DISTVERSION over PORTVERSION if possible
 - please start with no PORTREVISION.  It is only set when the port is revised
   with no DISTVERSION update.
 - your port has both DOCS and EXAMPLES as options, but does not install
   examples conditional on the EXAMPLES option.  Please check pkg-plist and
   make the relevant files conditional on whether EXAMPLES is set.
 - if there is a test suite, hook it up with USES=cmake:testing.
 - please check if a different category is appropriate.  misc is the fallback
   for when no other category really fits.  Perhaps net works?
 - make sure to set maintainer-approved on patches you submit so they get
   looked at.

Port builds fine and can likely be accepted once these issues are addressed.

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