[Bug 267908] audio/sox: man page broken badly.

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Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2022 00:54:36 UTC

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work around manpage formatting issues

I'm falling deeper into the roff rabbit hole.

Putting manual blanks in every place that EE/EX is used feels like a hack...  I
tried putting the blanks inside the definitions of the two blocks at the top of
the manpage, but it seems that those two macro definitions are completely
unused.  It's as if the default EE/EX macros are overriding the ones defined in
the manpage.  Globally renaming the macros to something else makes them work,
and they include blank lines already.

As for the warnings, I'm running 13.1-STABLE from October, and the man wrapper
decides to call groff because it runs "mandoc -Tlint -Wunsupp" as a test, and
if that fails it calls groff.  The test fails with these messages:

mandoc: <stdin>:3535:2: UNSUPP: ignoring macro in table: B dcshift
mandoc: <stdin>:3549:2: UNSUPP: ignoring macro in table: B vol
mandoc: <stdin>:3552:2: UNSUPP: ignoring macro in table: B Clipping

Replacing the B markup macros with \fB..\fR font-selection escapes lets mandoc
run without warnings.

The attached patches address both problems.

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