[Bug 267717] Resurrect devel/root

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 22:15:01 UTC

--- Comment #6 from Erik Jensen <erik@tenku.dk> ---
Comment #1, comment #5 - thank you very much for your helpful replies, Chris!
I have changed the title of the port.

Do you prefer to keep the port in the “devel” category? I personally think it 
would fit a bit better in the “science” category, but my opinions in this
are neither super strong nor pulling on much more than a few months of
with FreeBSD ports.
I can also see a couple of arguments against naming the port the (in my
very poorly chosen) name of the software “root”, but this is what the original 
authors have decided upon, so I initially chose this name for the port. 
The official GitHub project has this name for the code repository as well. 
Do you, anyway, think a port name such as “cernroot” would be better, so as not 
to confuse the port for a sysadmin account and similar?

I think I have managed to prepare the port. I have been running a testport
on my specifications in a poudriere jail, but compiling gcc11 (a prerequisite 
for some of the python dependencies, I believe; ROOT itself is compiled with 
llvm/clang) on my current limited capacity system hit the default timeout of 24 
I see in the documentation that there are several ways to get around this.

Anyway, in not too long I’m hoping to be able to upload the port here. 

Thanks again

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