[Bug 251117] [NEW PORT] www/palemoon: Open-source web browser

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Date: Tue, 31 May 2022 12:46:18 UTC

--- Comment #109 from Kostas Oikonomou <k.oikonomou@att.net> ---
Alternative to Pale Moon: SeaMonkey

I've recently switched to SeaMonkey, see https://www.seamonkey-project.org/.

You can see the details on the above site, but, briefly, (1) SeaMonkey has the
"classic" look that Pale Moon has/had, (2) it is based on the Firefox rendering
engine, so compatibility with web sites is much better than PM's, (3) it also
offers a built-in mail client based on Thunderbird, but again with a classic

The situation with plugins/extensions is not as good as with PM, but should
improve. There is an unofficial port to FreeBSD, see
Interestingly, the port was removed from the tree for some of the same reasons
that PM was removed *initially*.

The good thing about the port is that it requires no changes at all to the
code, it consists only of distinfo, pkg-desrc, and Makefile.
The downside is that (currently) the port depends on python2.7, like PM. But if
you've kept python2.7 around, building SeasMonkey is very simple.

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