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Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 18:20:08 UTC

--- Comment #108 from Matt A. Tobin <email@mattatobin.com> ---
This was not a private conversation though it did take place in a limited
access channel on my IRC server. It isn't anything that wouldn't have been
stated publicly in the main channel either. So there is no expectation of
privacy and no consent is required.

Regardless, if you want to further drag me through the mud for showing how
deceptive Moonchild has been reviled to be either in months to me or now on the
forum (or both) in response to this incident which its self has been a massive
fraud of manipulated facts, events out of sequence, and outright fabrications
and largely all hidden away now so only those who saw the headline and not the
substance or circumstances of things can repeat a favorable misconception that
is your choice.

However, remember this: I have been rather consistent and even willing within
well defined terms to proceed. Moonchild has publicly and flip-flopped and let
you spin your wheels to justify his semi-privately stated decision by merely
persisting. He had no intention of working with you from the start and damn
surely not when you resurfaced.

As a matter of public record, I had little problem with FreeBSD except the
passive aggressive way they let the original OpenBSD issue seemingly go only to
turn around months later quietly killing the port until you came along.

Regardless, it seems that our collective goals and conditions were far more
aligned than anything Moonchild said or did so my conclusion at the time may
have been a touch premature.

However, I have had a lot of time to reflect this year since the high school
drama performance in December and especially since it was played out for real
blind-sighting me and the total dedication I put in even when my father passed
away in Feb. So I will only offer up my willingness to continue to expound
truth of events even if it continues to highlight my own mistakes and past
behavior simply because truth is really the only thing one has at the end.

As I continue to forge my own path not encumbered by the bullshit from Pale
Moon I do hope we will encounter each other again and have a more positive

Matt A. Tobin
Commanding Officer
Binary Outcast

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