[Bug 251117] [NEW PORT] www/palemoon: Open-source web browser

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 10:09:25 UTC

--- Comment #106 from Olivier Certner <olivier.freebsd@free.fr> ---
(In reply to Kostas Oikonomou from comment #98)

Hi Kostas,

> He seems apologetic for Tobin's behavior.

I suggest you read my previous comment first. Then, you'll understand why it
will take a lot more than a small, single apology, for me to believe in what
Moonchild is claiming.

> Is that an indication that maybe support for FreeBSD won't be removed?

I don't know, and Moonchild seems to change his mind a lot. In any case, it's
not my concern anymore.

I wish good luck to anybody that would try to maintain such a port despite
upstream's behavior.

I'm not going to update the FreeBSD port patch anymore, 29.4.6 is the last from

With luck, you can change the version and the distfile checksum inside the
patch and it may work, were Moonchild to release another version in the 29.4.x
series (I don't know what his plans are; I don't think he said anything with
regards to when the 30.x series will be ready, even on the forums; and of
course nothing on whether FreeBSD-specific code will be dropped there, despite
hinting to me that keeping it was so much annoying).


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