[Bug 262614] devel/bazel 5.0.0 does not compile java codes because java tool chain not supported by bazel community.

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2022 16:06:49 UTC

--- Comment #3 from Ulas SAYGIN <ulassayginim@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Klaus Aehlig from comment #2)
Thank you for you help and your ideas. i agree with youabout respecting their
choices and i also think, supporting bsd will not hurt anyone because they
support apple macos, which seems freebsd to me and in this case, we may think
if this software works on macos ,it should work with FreeBSD also without
altering code completely to run on FreeBSD. some modification may needed like
you said.
i am ok with that. but one problem is always facing that, the documentation of
softwares are not good and i dont know the cause of problem and i couldnt find
any solution to improve anything.

my expectation from bazel port, after successfully installation with the help
of the patches. when i want to install java project, i cant compile it.
it seems that port is not completely compile openjdk tool chain like you said.
or somehow there is problem. i couldnt find the reason.

even i tried to use bazel on HardenedBSD and lucky or unluckly i couldnt decide
this but i found bug on openjdk and HardenedBSD team helped and finally they
found their hardening settings needs to be changed for openjdks and they did.
you may see my bug report on bazel issues about bazel example java project
compilation error.


i couldnt even compile java projects. that is the problem i am facing and i
cant validate the port compiles java tool chain correctly and integrate with
bazel to use it.

now my first problem seems this, because i cant pass java tool chain
requirement to compile envoy or any java project.

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