[Bug 264993] www/mitmproxy: Update 7.0.4 --> 8.1.1

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Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2022 12:01:15 UTC

            Bug ID: 264993
           Summary: www/mitmproxy: Update 7.0.4 --> 8.1.1
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Some People
          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: p5B2EA84B3@t-online.de
                CC: gaod@hychen.org
                CC: gaod@hychen.org
             Flags: maintainer-feedback?(gaod@hychen.org)


28 June 2022: mitmproxy 8.1.1

    Support specifying the local address for outgoing connections (#5364,
    Fix a bug where an excess empty chunk has been sent for chunked HEAD
request. (#5372, @jixunmoe)
    Drop pkg_resources dependency. (#5401, @PavelICS)
    Fix huge (>65kb) http2 responses corrupted. (#5428, @dhabensky)
    Remove overambitious assertions in the HTTP state machine, fix some error
handling. (#5383, @mhils)

15 May 2022: mitmproxy 8.1.0

    DNS support (#5232, @meitinger)
    Mitmproxy now requires Python 3.9 or above. (#5233, @mhils)
    Fix a memory leak in mitmdump where flows were kept in memory. (#4786,
    Replayed flows retain their current position in the flow list. (#5227,
    Periodically send HTTP/2 ping frames to keep connections alive. (#5046,
    Console Performance Improvements (#3427, @BkPHcgQL3V)
    Warn users if server side event responses are received without streaming.
(#4469, @mhils)
    Add flatpak support to the browser addon (#5200, @pauloromeira)
    Add example addon to dump contents to files based on a filter expression
(#5190, @redraw)
    Fix a bug where the wrong SNI is sent to an upstream HTTPS proxy (#5109,
    Make sure that mitmproxy displays error messages on startup. (#5225,
    Add example addon for domain fronting. (#5217, @randomstuff)
    Improve cut addon to better handle binary contents (#3965, @mhils)
    Fix text truncation for full-width characters (#4278, @kjy00302)
    Fix mitmweb export copy failed in non-secure domain. (#5264, @Pactortester)
    Add example script for manipulating cookies. (#5278, @WillahScott)
    When opening an external viewer for message contents, mailcap files are not
considered anymore.
    This preempts the upcoming deprecation of Python's mailcap module. (#5297,
    Fix hostname encoding for IDNA domains in upstream mode. (#5316, @nneonneo)
    Fix hot reloading of contentviews. (#5319, @nneonneo)
    Ignore HTTP/2 information responses instead of raising an error. (#5332,
    Improve performance and memory usage by reusing OpenSSL contexts. (#5339,
    Fix handling of multiple Cookie headers when proxying HTTP/2 to HTTP/1
(#5337, @rinsuki)

19 March 2022: mitmproxy 8.0.0
Major Changes

    Major improvements to the web interface (@gorogoroumaru)
    Event hooks can now be async (@nneonneo, #5106)
    New tls_{established,failed}_{client,server} event hooks to record
negotiation success/failure (@mhils, #4790)

Security Fixes

    CVE-2022-24766: Fix request smuggling vulnerability reported by @zeyu2001

Full Changelog

    Support proxy authentication for SOCKS v5 mode (@starplanet)
    Make it possible to ignore connections in the tls_clienthello event hook
    fix some responses not being decoded properly if the encoding was uppercase
(#4735, @Mattwmaster58)
    Trigger event hooks for flows with semantically invalid requests, for
example invalid content-length headers (@mhils)
    Improve error message on TLS version mismatch (@mhils)
    Windows: Switch to Python's default asyncio event loop, which increases the
number of sockets that can be processed simultaneously (@mhils)
    Add client_replay_concurrency option, which allows more than one client
replay request to be in-flight at a time. (@rbdixon)
    New content view which handles gRPC/protobuf. Allows to apply custom
definitions to visualize different field decodings. Includes example addon
which applies custom definitions for selected gRPC traffic (@mame82)
    Fix a crash caused when editing string option (#4852, @rbdixon)
    Base container image bumped to Debian 11 Bullseye (@Kriechi)
    Upstream replays don't do CONNECT on plaintext HTTP requests (#4876,
    Remove workarounds for old pyOpenSSL versions (#4831, @KarlParkinson)
    Add fonts to asset filter (~a) (#4928, @elespike)
    Fix bug that crashed when using view.flows.resolve (#4916, @rbdixon)
    Fix a bug where running() is invoked twice on startup (#3584, @mhils)
    Correct documentation example for User-Agent header modification (#4997,
    Fix random connection stalls (#5040, @EndUser509)
    Add n new flow keybind to mitmweb (#5061, @ianklatzco)
    Fix compatibility with BoringSSL (@pmoulton)
    Added WebSocketMessage.injected flag (@Prinzhorn)
    Add example addon for saving streamed data to individual files
    Change connection event hooks to be blocking. Processing will only resume
once the event hook has finished. (@Prinzhorn)
    Reintroduce Flow.live, which signals if a flow belongs to a currently
active connection. (#4207, @mhils)
    Speculative fix for some rare HTTP/2 connection stalls (#5158, @EndUser509)
    Add ability to specify custom ports with LDAP authentication (#5068,
    Add support for rotating saved streams every hour or day (@EndUser509)
    Console Improvements on Windows (@mhils)
    Fix processing of --set options (#5067, @marwinxxii)
    Lowercase user-added header names and emit a log message to notify the user
when using HTTP/2 (#4746, @mhils)
    Exit early if there are errors on startup (#4544, @mhils)
    Fixed encoding guessing: only search for meta tags in HTML bodies (##4566,
    Binaries are now built with Python 3.10 (@mhils)

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