[Bug 265651] [NEW PORT] archivers/zpaqfranz: versioned/snapshot archive

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 14:11:43 UTC

--- Comment #19 from Felix Palmen <zirias@freebsd.org> ---
Hi Franco,

I now had another look. I let it sit for a while to give time thinking about

First of all, about the architecture restriction again. Of course, as you're
also the upstream author, you're in two different roles here. If you remove
code you consider "untrusted", so it will (for now) only work on amd64, that's
fine. It just leaves me a bit confused why you first submitted a version
without that restriction (and were fine with using said "untrusted" code on
i386 in case the *build* machine would not support SSE2)? So, in a nutshell,
are you really sure about that?

Testing the port, i noticed two more things:

* You link statically. Normally, you only do that for distributing software
outside of any "package management", and FreeBSD ports would typically patch
upstream Makefiles not to do that if there's no really unavoidable reason. Now,
as you are the upstream author yourself, would you mind changing your own
Makefile so it *doesn't* link statically? (related question, why is C++ code
compiled using ${CC}, so you have to explicitly link libstdc++?)

* The 'dir' incarnation vanished completely. I'm still not sure whether it
would do what I *assume* it would (behave differently depending on argv[0]),
but *if* it does and this behavior is useful to the user, please just add a
symlink. That's the typical practice, you can e.g. see it used by vim:
$ file /usr/local/bin/gvim
/usr/local/bin/gvim: symbolic link to vim

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