[Bug 258820] Multiple ports fail to build with USE_LTO: libffi.a strip: file format not recognized (propose: disable building static library)

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Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 22:19:29 UTC

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--- Comment #11 from f451 <f451@imap.cc> ---
A data point that might be relevant:

With recent -current and a poudriere jail in arm64 built with
WITH_LLVM_BINUTILS= in its src.conf, databases/postgresql13-client fails
testport at the install phase with

[00:12:01] strip: error:
not stripping symbol '.L.str.1' because it is named in a relocation
[00:12:01] gmake[3]: *** [../../../../src/Makefile.shlib:425:
install-lib-static] Error 1

USE_LTO= is not present either in the host or in the poudriere src.conf.

The workaround was to remove 


from src.conf for that poudriere jail instance, delete and build the jail


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