[Bug 265859] dns/ldns: update to 1.8.3

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Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 13:57:20 UTC

            Bug ID: 265859
           Summary: dns/ldns: update to 1.8.3
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
               URL: https://www.nlnetlabs.nl/news/2022/Aug/15/ldns-1.8.3-r
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: jaap@NLnetLabs.nl
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patch to upgrade

NOTE: This patch also upgrades the dependent port dns/py-ldns

Version 1.8.2 of ldns had a crash bug when creating packets with an EDNS
OPT resource record without options. For example when just setting the
DO bit (DNSSEC OK) or when specifying a larger UDP payload size.

This quick fix release has this resolved. Also the unit tests have been
reviewed and updated to catch this in the future before release.

Compared to the 1.8.1 release, this release has some bugfixes and a few
new features, most notably:

* Since draft-ietf-dnsop-svcb-https will become RFC now anytime soon,
   SVCB and HTTPS RR types are now compiled by default.

* Functionality for parsing and printing of EDNS0 Options.

   The list of options in a packet can be accessed via a new function:
   ldns_pkt_edns_get_option_list(ldns_pkt *packet). The list can be
   further manipulated with functions as described in edns.h. Finally
   the options can be converted to presentation format with
   ldns_edns_option_list2buffer_str() from host2str.h.

   drill will now also print EDNS0 options in a parsed format.

1.8.3   2022-08-15
         * bugfix #183: Assertion failure with OPT record without rdata.
           This caused packet creation with only a DO bit (for DNSSEC OK)
           to crash. Thanks Anand Buddhdev and others for reporting this
           so quickly.
         * Fix for syntax error in pyldns

1.8.2   2022-08-12
         * bugfix #147: Allow for tabs in whitespace before quoted rdata
           fields. Thanks Felipe Gasper
         * bugfix #149: Add some missing [out] annotations to doxygen
           parameters. Thanks aldot.
         * Fix build error on Solaris 10 with inet_ntop redeclaration
         * Fix -U flag with ldns-signzone. Thanks Ulrich and Jonathan
         * Enable compile of SVCB and HTTPS support by default.
         * bugfix #179: Free line memory even if zone file parsing fails
           Thanks Claudius Zingerli
         * bugfix #166: Grow buffer when writing chars and fixed size
           strings when converting to presentation format, preventing
           potential assersion errors.
         * bugfix #46: Print network errors when secure tracing.
           Thanks reedjc
         * EDNS0 Option handling and conversion into presentation format.
         * bugfix #145: ldns-verify-zone should not call occluded records
           glue. Thanks Habbie

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