[Bug 265651] [NEW PORT] archivers/zpaqfranz: versioned/snapshot archive

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Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 11:57:20 UTC

--- Comment #5 from Felix Palmen <zirias@freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Franco Corbelli from comment #2)

> It is my very first port, I have "cloned" some other, I'll check
That's perfectly fine, I'm just telling you the correct way. You really can't
know everything when you're just starting ;)

> You can find here why there are "two" Makefiles [...]
I commented in that thread myself, and I guess there's still some
misunderstanding. Ports *always* use whatever upstream provides for building
and installing (here, it's a Makefile in the upstream tarball). The do-build
and do-install targets are *only* for situations where this is absolutely

Here you just have an offending '-march=native' in the upstream Makefile, the
way to go is to patch it out. For adding CFLAGS (like -DNOJIT), the upstream
Makefile will already pick them up.

> Maybe you can suggest me the best way
See my previous comment. Removing everything starting with the line setting
WRKSRC and replacing it with just the two lines I suggested will already work.

> It is true, but I do not know how to write a "multiple case" (yet)
All you could do here is provide an option to enable SSE2, so the ports user
can opt to build it that way. It can't be enabled for the official package

> In fact two programs in one executable
That's a somewhat common thing, but installing the same executable twice is
unnecessary and will never be done by a FreeBSD package, that's what symlinks
are for.

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