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Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 11:41:21 UTC

--- Comment #4 from Franco Corbelli <franco@francocorbelli.com> ---
PS/2 CFLAGS+=       -DNOJIT is a big nono, if not really necessary

Because inside the source there is a JIT compiler from ZPAQL (esoteric
compression language by Matt Mahoney) to x86 opcodes, much, much faster (of
course) of the interpretated one.

Short version: on non-Intel CPU, and not sse2, interpretation is required
(-DNOJIT). On "modern" Intel CPUs, native machine code will be used by default

About the symlink I'm not really convinced. 
I much prefer to leave both, so they are untied (delete one or the other, or
The software has no dependency and practically does not require
installation/deinstallation, it can be deleted directly without leaving "junk"

If this is prohibited by FreeBSD policy I will simply remove "dir" in the
FreeBSD version and leave it for others

Incidentally, what is dir?
It is a kind of Windows mini-dir, which shows the total size of the files
Maybe try it, you will see that it is comfortable :)

dir /s
dir /os

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