[Bug 263373] audio/ardour6: Fails to create session

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Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2022 18:28:09 UTC

Florian Walpen <dev@submerge.ch> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Florian Walpen <dev@submerge.ch> ---
For the records, this was my answer on github:

> Realtime support should be fine with both JACK and Ardour - looks like your
> user doesn't have realtime privileges, usually only root has that on FreeBSD.
> You can either:
> - Disable realtime in the configuration / CLI arguments.
> - Wait for FreeBSD 13.1 to be released, load the mac_priority module and add your user to the realtime group.

@Yuri, how did you start the jack server, RC service or jack_control DBUS
interface? I tried to give some hints in the pkg message, but maybe that can be

On a side note, there's some updates for audio/jack bug #263342 and
audio/jack-example-tools bug #263344 waiting to be committed, if you feel like
it. They won't help with this problem, though.

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