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Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2022 21:10:55 UTC

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--- Comment #99 from Matt A. Tobin <email@mattatobin.com> ---
Here is something from my IRC logs that may confirm the status of BSD in Pale
Moon despite what Moonchild has been saying since I was kicked to the curb.

It does not show me in the best light but it happens to be true.

Mar 02 03:23:52 <Moonchild> NewTobinParadigm: I'm dropping FreeBSD on the
floor. I'm really just done with it. Especially if the one that is supposed to
liaise between a reluctant platform team and use is leveraging the OpenBSD BS
that doesn't even apply to their platform or their team just to keep the
opening to build the way they want anyway.
Mar 02 03:24:29 <Moonchild> If you insist you can still talk to them and do
stuff independently but I think that's a bad idea as well, if we can't even
keep one line ourselves.
Mar 02 04:49:46 <NewTobinParadigm> no i agree
Mar 02 04:50:09 <NewTobinParadigm> but like i said in the PM.. we can put it in
the drawer if someone else pops up
Mar 02 04:50:27 <NewTobinParadigm> or maybe one of the shitter bsds comes to
Mar 02 04:51:36 <NewTobinParadigm> i just think IF we ever were to allow BSD in
the future it needs to be done from the perspective of what is needed now not
the compromises from 10-15 years ago hacked and rehacked and never properly
tested by core mozilla
Mar 02 04:55:11 <NewTobinParadigm> Moonchild
Mar 02 04:55:36 <Moonchild> Yes i agree
Mar 02 04:55:51 <Moonchild> and he clearly stated that he wasn't going to do
that anyway somewhere in his essay
Mar 02 04:55:56 <Moonchild> so fuck it.
Mar 02 04:56:42 <NewTobinParadigm> it is amazing how he went all out on the
anti-Tobinism all without me saying a word since last year
Mar 02 04:56:53 <NewTobinParadigm> shattered his own illusion without a word
from me
Mar 02 04:57:09 <Moonchild> the overly long post really pissed me off, by the
way. it's cleverly written, and clearly Olce is a good conversationalist, but I
can't rhyme it with what's needed to cooperate
Mar 02 04:57:50 <NewTobinParadigm> yeah but to me it was basically..
sun-glasses point by point with charmcitycrab pointlessness
Mar 02 04:58:22 <Moonchild> if he can take a long time to compose what he did,
he should also be willing to put in the legwork code-wise. unless that's
actually not his forte in which case he can't do what he says he wants to
Mar 02 04:58:41 <Moonchild> so there are so many approaches to it that all come
to the same conclusion, and I'm just dropping it. period.
Mar 02 04:58:52 <NewTobinParadigm> target operating systems need to be
maintained by those familiar with it
Mar 02 04:59:03 <Moonchild> exactly
Mar 02 04:59:11 <Moonchild> and I was very clear that was needed
Mar 02 04:59:40 <Moonchild> which resulted in a barf of sociopolitical BS and
semi-covered attacks on all of us.
Mar 02 04:59:54 <NewTobinParadigm> you made an absolutely good play by
including my contributor roll with my community interaction stepback it
encouraged him to not only question it but attack harder
Mar 02 04:59:56 <NewTobinParadigm> masterful
Mar 02 05:00:06 <NewTobinParadigm> role*
Mar 02 05:00:21 <Moonchild> Like I said I was still probing to see.
Mar 02 05:00:33 <NewTobinParadigm> Probe Complete.

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