[Bug 258521] [new port] lang/scratch: graphical programming language for kids

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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:42:21 UTC

--- Comment #6 from glowiak1111@yandex.com ---
(In reply to Fernando ApesteguĂ­a from comment #3)
I fixed some things in Makefile;
No, I cannot make port of scratch 3 (nobody can), because it's html based.
scratch 3 is meant to run in web browser, the "offline client" is useless. It's
just something like chrome app window. It cannot even export projects to
website. Scratch 2 in other way depends on adobe air, which cannot be installed
either for linux or freebsd. is the last version of scratch that uses
squeak (and that makes it platform-independent). You may say it's old, but even
those days many Linux distros have scratch 1.4 in repositories.

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