[Bug 253607] lang/mlton is broken

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2021 11:15:11 UTC

--- Comment #5 from Timothy Beyer <beyert@cs.ucr.edu> ---
(In reply to Bridger Dyson-Smith from comment #2)

I want to apologize for the extremely long wait that you and a few other people
were very patient about, but I've finally sorted out numerous build issues on
i386 that were delaying this by over a month.

I'm now on the verge of updating the port, although I'm still QCing it, but
right now, you can use my completed bootstrap images (for FreeBSD 11, 12 and
13, both i386 and amd64) in the link below as your SML compiler, in case you
needed a FreeBSD version or architecture not provided on the mlton issue
tracker (that person only provided an amd64 build, although I suspect they also
were able to produce i386 images, to their credit; I suspect they used a
similar compilation path of 20100608 to 20180207 to 20180207 with patches, to a
2021 version):


I'm also going to provided all custom ports that I used to generate the
bootstrap images, in case anyone is interested, I just need to get them ready
for usage by others, since they are messy.

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