[Bug 256194] emulators/openmsx: Update to 17.0

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Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 12:49:05 UTC

            Bug ID: 256194
           Summary: emulators/openmsx: Update to 17.0
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Many People
          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: menelkir@itroll.org

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MSX device support:
- V99x8:
  - fixed timing of VDP settings getting applied. This fixes the screensplit in
    Psycho World, Hydefos, Space Manbow and the Woei demo, and probably more.
    Many thanks to Grauw for figuring out the real problem.
  - fixed that sprites are not disabled instantly, but on the next line
- Carnivore 2:
  - updated initial (out-of-the-box) flash content, with bootmenu 2.40
  - added support for firmware version readout (now hardcoded on 2.30)
  - added support for SLM_cfg register
  - added reading from SCC, which also works on real hardware
- V9990: fix location of bitmap cursor
- fixed OPL4 12-bit sample decoding
- fixed stereo settings of Daewoo CPC-400(S)
- fixed loading/saving of flash content for ReproCartridgeV1/V2 mappers
- fixed bugs in RTC (thanks to KdL and HRA!) regarding leap-year and
- added support for proper mapper registers readout on S1985 systems without
  mapper and with an external mapper that is larger than 512kB
- added support for Zemina 25-in-1 mapper (thanks to BiFi and Hashem)
- added new machines, thanks to:
  - Peter Hanraets: Victor HC-7, (partial) Hitachi MB-H2, Sanyo PHC-23J, Sanyo
    PHC-23 (old), Sanyo PHC-SPC, Sanyo PHC-30N, Sanyo PHC-33 (without built in
    tape drive features), Sanyo PHC-77, Sony HB-75, Sony HB-F700F, Sony
    HB-F500 (v1 and v2), AVT DPC-200, Mitsubishi ML-G10, Hitachi MB-H50
    (without LEDs), Yamaha SX-100, Philips NMS 8250/19
  - Arjen Zeilemaker and others: Toshiba HX-33 and HX-34 (except for the COPY
    button and special hardware for that)
  - Danilo Angel: Sanyo MPC-3
  - others: Sony HB-75D, Sanyo PHC-28P
- added new extensions: Popolon Sound Cartridge (with configurable size)

New or improved emulator features:
- by default also map the D-pad of a controller to the MSX joystick directions
- fixed artifacts on 3x scaling with 512 wide MSX modes on SDLGL-PP
- optimized file pool more, especially when alternative ROMs are to be found
- more accurate resampling, without rounding errors
- fixed possible crash when Tcl callbacks switch the active machine, e.g. using
  step_back in watchpoints
- fixed autorun of tapes/laserdiscs interrupting the replay
- fixed OMR replays with ato-run type command
- faster switching to/from fullscreen, without changing the videosource
- fixed laserdiscplayer eject command still showing the file inserted
- make number of columns for showdebuggable configurable
- fixed broken color_matrix setting (a.k.a. monitor_type)
- fixed drawing of OSD progress info (e.g. while calculating hashes)
- improved performance of calculating hashes of HDD images, especially when
  they're on a network drive
- on Windows, make openmsx.exe a GUI application to avoid the separate extra
  text output window
- added support for automatic internal conversion of SVI CAS files to WAV
- added support for autoruncassettes for SVI CAS files
- fixed autoruncassettes on some models like Yamaha AX150
- OSD menu:
  - menu button is now easy to disable with new osd_menu_button setting
  - removed useless frameskip controls
  - added full speed when loading control
  - tweaked special options in lists like [eject]
  - fixed navigating to file pools for disks
  - show media slot content the same way for all media
  - represent all media slots as slots, more similar to real hardware. You can
    now put both ROM cartridges and extensions in cartridge slots via the same
  - show I/O only extensions as such, as they will not take a physical slot in
  - allow searching also on _ and - characters in lists
  - show display names of what is in a media slot
  - show ROM info of just inserted ROM, not of the most likely running ROM
  - show also MSX slot number in list of cartridge slots
  - fixed handling of multiple identical extensions
  - display a message if a cartridge is removed
  - display the slot behind extensions in the Extension -> Remove menu
  - added Monitor type setting to the Video Settings menu
  - added OSD icon set setting to the Misc Settings menu

Build system, packaging, documentation:
- build support for 64-bit RISC-V
- SDLGL-PP renderer requirements are now relaxed to only OpenGL 2.1 again (was
  3.3 in openMSX 16.0)
- fixed building without SDL joystick support
- C++ code is based on C++17 and thus requires a compiler supporting it

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