[Bug 255670] Mk/Keywords/sample.ucl: Deleting any configuration files automatically is a bug

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 02:53:48 UTC

--- Comment #9 from dave@jetcafe.org ---
(In reply to Adam Weinberger from comment #8)
> Removing the file isn’t the problem, so while this patch would work around it,
> it doesn’t address the underlying issue. We need to identify how and when the 
> files are removed and not recreated.

I agree that the underlying issue is not addressed. I would still support this
patch being included as a policy idea. 

We have found that actually removing the -dist files prior to the upgrade
consistently prevents the deletion of the @sample files, regardless of whether
they have been edited or not.

> Can you provide some more info about your environment? 

Yes. I build packages with poudriere:

# poudriere version

for all my target sites. Each target site has different options directories and
different package repositories. These streams are not crossed; upgrading a
target site always uses the same options directories, package repositories, and
build configuration. When I do these builds, I generally do them against the
quarterly ports tree build I've picked at the time. Occasionally I cherry pick
some ports from HEAD which have needed security upgrades. 

I use pkg(8) to manage package installations. I've been doing this for several
years with no obvious issues. Each package upgrade goes like this: 

1) Alter the repository configuration file to point to the new package repo
2) Upgrade pkg first with "pkg upgrade pkg"
3) Then let pkg have it's way with "pkg upgrade"

This has always worked before and until this particular upgrade @sample files
were not deleted. 

I did not notice the first instance of file deletion until I discovered that
the file fastcgi_params was missing and nginx would not start. It was curious
to me because I never edited that file (most of my nginx sites are templated
and explicitly configured after we include this file). 

I did not discover this was pkg until -at a different site- the same thing

Let me know if you need more information.

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