[Bug 255683] math/maxima fails to install due to strange staging error

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 23:19:45 UTC

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Patch to disable setting VERSION from "git describe" output

Maxima's configure.ac tries to set VERSION to something reflecting its git
status instead of its release version if "git" is found and if "git describe"
works.  This is presumably so that users of maxima directly out of its git repo
can have a version number that reflects the exact git commit being built rather
than a release version number that might not be accurate.

Problem is, "git describe" works even if the working directory is just a
subdirectory of FreeBSD's ports tree, and returns something utterly useless for
determining the Maxima version anyway.

This patch simply comments out the bit of configure.ac that would set VERSION
this way, and therefore leaves it at the release version (in this case,

With this patch, all my woes are gone.

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