[Bug 255683] math/maxima fails to install due to strange staging error

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Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2021 18:28:38 +0000

--- Comment #15 from russo_at_bogodyn.org ---
(In reply to russo from comment #14)
I would be delighted to attach the typescript of "make -dA" but it is too large
for bugzilla, even after bzipping.  Not sure how to proceed from here.

I do note that the "10_eol" thing does not appear anywhere in the typescript
until one of the staging directories gets its "mkdir".  It's first appearance
in the typescript is here:

    No need to remake target 'binary-ecl/maxima'.
   Finished prerequisites of target file 'install-ecllibSCRIPTS'.
  Must remake target 'install-ecllibSCRIPTS'.
Putting child 0x801258660 (install-ecllibSCRIPTS) PID 75317 on the chain.
Live child 0x801258660 (install-ecllibSCRIPTS) PID 75317 
 /bin/mkdir -p
 install  -m 555 binary-ecl/maxima
Reaping winning child 0x801258660 PID 75317 
Removing child 0x801258660 PID 75317 from chain.

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