[Bug 256550] net/routinator: Update to 0.9.0

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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 12:43:45 +0000

            Bug ID: 256550
           Summary: net/routinator: Update to 0.9.0
           Product: Ports & Packages
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
               URL: https://www.nlnetlabs.nl/news/2021/Jul/03/routinator-0
                OS: Any
            Status: New
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          Priority: ---
         Component: Individual Port(s)
          Assignee: ports-bugs_at_FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: jaap_at_NLnetLabs.nl
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patch to upgrade

0.9.0 ‘Raptor Bash for Life’

Breaking Changes

* Routinator now keeps the last valid data from a publication point
and falls back to using that if an update to the publication point
does not have a valid manifest or the data does not match the
manifest. This data is stored in a [sled] key-value database rather
than directly in the file system. (#456)

* RRDP data is now collected into the same key-value database. The
new command dump allows copying the data from the database to the
file system.  (#473, #480, #484)

* If an RRDP repository is unavailable for a certain time, Routinator
will now fall back to rsync. The time since last successful update
before this fallback happens is randomly chosen for each repository
between the refresh time and an upper limit configurable via the
new rrdp-fallback-time option that defaults to one hour. (#473,
#482, #507)

* The rsync-timeout now describes a hard timeout on the rsync process
for updating a repository. ([#528)]

* The size of downloaded RPKI objects is now limited by the
max-object-size options which defaults to a limit of 20 MBytes.
This limit applies to both RRDP and rsync. (#531)

* Routinator now includes additional TALs for various commonly used
RPKI testbeds. The init command has been restructured to make it
possible to select the TALs for installation. The default is still
to install the five production RIR TALs. (#500)

* Deprecated configuration items have been removed: unknown-objects
cannot be spelled with a underscore anymore and string values are
not accepted anymore for rtr-tcp-keepalive. (#496)

* The minimal supported Rust version is now 1.47.0. (#444, #498,


* The new option --fresh causes Routinator to delete all cached
data before starting. This can be used when data corruption is
reported. (#470)

* The new HTTP server endpoint /json-delta provides an option to
retrieve updates to a previously received data set via deltas.

* A new output format jsonext is available both in the vrps command
and the HTTP server that provides more detailed information about
the sources of a VRP. (#511)

* The validate command now accepts input from and can write its
output to files. Both are available in simple plain text and JSON
formatting.  (#514)

* The HTTP endpoints that supply the current VRP set now support
conditional request handling. They include Etag and Last-Modified
headers in their response and process If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since
headers in requests. (#474, contributed by _at_reschke, #488)

* The vrps command line option and the HTTP query parameters for
limiting the VRPs included in the returned VRP set have been renamed
from filter-prefix to select-prefix and from filter-asn to select-asn
for clarity. The old options are still accepted. (#511)

* Status information is now available in JSON format at /api/v1/status.

* The metrics of RRDP repositories now also include the serial
number of the last update. The JSON status information also includes
the session ID and whether the last update was via a delta and if
it wasn  why a snapshot had to be used. It also separately provides
the status codes for the request of the notification file and the
snapshot or last requested delta file. (#487, #489)

* Prometheus metrics and JSON status have been greatly extended
with more detailed counters for individual valid and invalid object
types. They are also now available on a per-repository basis in
addition to the already existing per-TAL basis. (#493, #539)

* Prometheus metrics and JSON status can now optionally include
per-client RTR metrics. This is disabled by default to avoid
accidentally leaking information about the local network topology.

* The RRDP client now supports the gzip transfer encoding for HTTPs.
(#463, contributed by _at_bjpbakker)

* The exception config file value now also accepts a single string
with a path name instead of an array of strings. (#471)

* The new rrdp-keep-responses option allows optionally storing the
XML content of all received RRDP responses in the file system.

Bug Fixes

* The csvcompat output format that was introduced in 0.7.0 is now
actually accepted by the --format command line option.

* The /validity HTTP endpoint now accepts percent-encoded characters
in the query parameters. (#505)

Other Changes

* Updated the bundled APNIC and LACNIC TALs. When upgrading, please
re-install the TALs in your system via routinator init. (#510, #543)

* Upgrade [rpki-rs] to 0.11 and drop now unnecessary separate
dependency to rpki-rtr. (#443)

* Upgrade Tokio-related dependencies to new version based on Tokio
1.0. (#444)

* Upgrade the bundled UI to version 0.2.0 reflecting the changed
metrics. (#550)

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