[Bug 256452] [new port] net-mgmt/unbound-telemetry - replacement for net-mgmt/unbound_exporter

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Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2021 16:57:07 +0000

--- Comment #6 from Chris Hutchinson <portmaster_at_bsdforge.com> ---
Points of interest to help accelerate your
port through the acceptance process:

 - Provide QA (Quality Assurnce)
provide proof that your port/changes actually work.
ports-mgmt/poudriere is the defacto choice for providing
the output to prove everything works as intended.
Other forms can include relevant output from build logs.
from within a jail(8), all of: make -DBATCH check-plist,
make stage-qa, make check-sanity, portlint. To name a few.
But as a rule, the output of ports-mgmt/poudriere is the
preferred proof.

 - Future maintence of your new port will require you to
become well familiar with git(1) if your not already
familiar. Even if you are. You'll still need to discover
how to use it with regards to maintaining ports, and
properly submitting patches.

 - Become informed.
You're also going to want to join at least the
freebsd-ports_at_ and the freebsd-ports-bugs_at_ mailing lists.
It may well be a good idea to also join the
dev-commits-ports-all_at_. As you're going to need to know if
things ever "go south" with any of the ports you maintain.

All of this is in the porters handbook that I mentioned
earlier. But these are some of the main points that will
help you "get up to speed".


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