[Bug 256369] games/lbreakout2 is out-of-date

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Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 21:03:06 UTC

--- Comment #2 from Christopher <inbox@alleghenycomputer.com> ---
Thanks for the feedback...

Looking back on this, my description was poorly worded and I apologize.

It's not that the port is out of date as you point out; it's that the "author"
of LBreakout2 has publicly announced that he is not maintaining this anymore.
Instead, is directing people to the newer and maintained LBreakoutHD.

(listed in bold red here:  https://lgames.sourceforge.io/LBreakout2/ )

I am all for leaving older, unmaintained software around... as such things can
still help users.

I just get confused as I keep tripping over ports that are dropped quickly
because upstream has discontinued support and yet other's don't get dropped.

And, again I am fine with that... I just don't understood where the line is
drawn as it seems to be both very stringent and yet flexible all at the same

But... I am interested in learning, so I'll see what I can do with the porter's

Thanks again and I will close this PR.

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