[Bug 246328] [RESTORE] net-p2p/nicotine-plus: Graphical client for the Soulseek file sharing network

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Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 20:15:09 UTC

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Update to 3.1.0


    Added alternative transfer speed limits for downloads and uploads,
toggleable with a quick access button in the status bar
    Added an option to save downloads to subfolders based on the uploader's
    Added a dropdown menu in file transfer views to clear various types of file
transfers from the list
    Added an option to disable reverse file paths in search results and file
transfer views
    Added an option to show private/locked search results and shared files from
SoulseekQt clients
    Added an option to only allow trusted buddies to access buddy shares
    Added a context menu item in file transfer views to browse folders of file
transfers, similar to search results
    Added checkboxes to 'Shares' preferences to easily specify whether a shared
folder should be buddy-only or not
    Added a menu item to quickly toggle dark mode/theme, available under Menu
-> View -> Prefer Dark Mode
    Added debug logging categories for downloads, uploads and chats
    Improved GUI accessibility for blind users using screen readers
    Finished downloads are no longer cleared on disconnect/exit
    Finished uploads are now restored on startup, unless previously cleared
    Spam filter plugin now filters phrases in chat rooms in addition to private
    Command aliases can now run chat commands, e.g. '/alias hello /away' will
create a '/hello' command that runs '/away'
    Unified preferences related to the GUI, such as colors, icons and tabs,
under a single 'User Interface' page
    A single preference now controls the maximum number of visible search
results, instead of two separate preferences
    Added a basic 'headless' mode to run Nicotine+ without a GUI, available
through the --headless command line flag
    Added the ability to start multiple instances of Nicotine+ when a custom
config file is specified with the --config command line flag
    Added the option to specify a custom user data folder location (used for
storing e.g. the list of shared files) with the --user-data command line flag
    Added plugin notifications for started/finished transfers
    Various deprecations related to plugins, listed in pluginsystem.py and
logged on startup
    Various performance improvements
    macOS: minor UX improvements to better align with macOS conventions
    GNU/Linux and macOS: added an option to enforce a specific network
interface, useful for virtual private networks (VPN)
    Removed 'direct private message' toggle, since the official Soulseek
clients do not understand such messages
    Removed option to rotate tab labels, due to various issues with its
    Removed support for Ubuntu 16.04 and Python 3.5


    Fixed an issue where file transfers did not reach maximum speeds on slow
    Fixed an issue where incorrect upload speeds were sent to the server
    Fixed an issue where failed downloads were marked as finished in cases
where the download folder is not accessible
    Fixed an issue where double-clicking treeview column headers activated the
first row
    Fixed an issue where the 'unread tabs' menu caused a crash if tabs were
    Fixed an issue where adding finished downloads to shared files could result
in a crash
    Fixed an issue where searching a user's share could result in a crash after
a refresh
    Fixed a crash when attempting to show file properties for a user/folder row
    Fixed various UPnP port forwarding issues with certain routers
    Added a workaround for cases where Soulseek NS clients send incorrect file
sizes for large files
    Various GUI-related changes and improvements to reduce the number of
    macOS: keyboard shortcuts now use the Command key instead of Ctrl
    Windows: improvements to notifications to prevent duplicate tray icons
    Windows: fixed an issue where closed windows would appear in window peek
    Windows: fixed an issue where minimized windows were not displayed when
restoring Nicotine+ from tray

Issues closed on GitHub

    Is there a way to exclude a file/directory from a share? + Some feedback
    Feature Request: Improve folder folding behavior + Add Collapse/Expand All
    Suggestion: Room wall improvements (#985)
    Practical: change share from public to buddy and vice versa. (#991)
    Version 3.0.1 and 3.0.2's Nicotine+.exe detected as a virus by Malwarebytes
    Quicker access to speed throttling? (#1031)
    Copy/Paste keyboard shortcuts broken on Mac (#1342)
    Don't automatically clear downloads/uploads on quit (#1343)
    Notifications tray icons aren't removed automatically (#1354)
    Download to a *username* / subfolder (#1355)
    Drop official support for Ubuntu 16.04 (#1360)
    Headless support (#1362)
    Support for macOS High Sierra (#1366)
    Prevent Downloads from Displaying in the Debug Logging Window (#1371)
    Malware detection (#1373)
    Minimized window app won't show up when called from the system tray (#1374)
    Change close button position on macOS (#1376)
    Change menu action on macOS (#1377)
    Limit Buddy Shares to Trusted Buddies (#1382)
    Critical errors (#1383)
    Option to disable popup (#1386)
    Prevent notification balloon crashes on 32-bit Windows (#1393)
    ", line 127 (#1395)
    Auto-Size Columns Opens File in Player (#1396)
    Window Preview Shows Preferences Window (#1397)
    Crash report (#1398)
    Windows Defender / Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B ...False Positive? (#1401)
    Nicotine+ encountered a critical error and needs to exit (#1402)
    Middle-clicking user/share/room does not close it anymore (#1404)
    problem with access to some users. (#1405)
    Critical Error on master (#1406)
    Config error: can't decode 'searches' section 'group_searches' value
    Transfer lists are cleared upon disconnection (#1409)
    Wishlists aren't being searched (#1410)
    Every downloaded file remains as "INCOMPLETE[number]Filename" (#1411)
    Exclamation point in the chat tab bar i have not seen before (#1413)
    Tried unpacking zip, scanner shows Gen:Variant.Bulz.495404 (#1414)
    Crash on getting File Properties at user or directory entry level in
Download tab (#1415)
    in Download tab, the Queue Position column is empty (#1416)
    Windows Defender quarantined nicotine+ because of "Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B"
    Tabs go out off the screen where there are many, they should use several
lines instead. (#1420)
    Search main tab: wish tabs always extra. (#1422)
    Can't click anything when in fullscreen (#1423)
    'GeoIP' object has no attribute 'get_all' (#1426)
    Finished Downloads Autoclearing (#1427)
    'NetworkFrame' object has no attribute 'InterfaceRow' (#1430)
    Browse Folder via Downloads tab (#1432)
    Leech detector logs not showing up (#1433)
    Crash when adding to buddy list from User info tab (#1434)
    How to access option to close only window (keep sharing files)? (#1435)
    error (#1436)
    DownloadQueuedNotification on end of downloaded file (#1438)
    Shift + Mouse wheel a fall (#1440)
    Convert organization URL to lowercase (#1441)
    random crash? (#1442)
    Crash when closing private Chat tab (#1445)
    Critical error upon attempted chat (#1446)
    Incorrectly reported upload speed (#1449)
    UPnP does not work on this network (Windows) (#1453)
    select ValueError: too many file descriptors in select() (Windows) (#1456)
    UPnP not working (#1457)

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