[Bug 258113] Maintainer for www/hiawatha

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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021 03:40:04 +0000

--- Comment #1 from Chris Petrik <Christopher.petrik_at_usm.edu> ---
www/hiawatha was updated however the mbedtls in ports doesn't play nice to the
newer version so a full ports rebuild for 35 ports was conducted and ports
fixed and will be released later this weekend. We are currently in Hurricane
watch so if I have to leave it may take longer.

mbedtls gives a full description on the difference of 3.xx along with functions
so it should be easy to port the rest of the 35.

as of Fri theres a few which are being a pain but I am sure that while in class
I can work on this rather than do c++ that I already know.

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