[Bug 250875] net/vether-kmod fails to load

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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 14:54:24 +0000

--- Comment #14 from Henning Matyschok <henning.matyschok_at_outlook.com> ---
Pledge for assistance by U.S. Department of State and U.S. LEA:

 I have no direct access to clean / fresh water and / or food, since 
 I had rejected recruitment attempts from representatives of a local 
 company, but the herassement does not stop:

    (a) There were and / or are tries to prohibit civil
        rights by attempted declaration as disabled person.

    (b) Hair put / placed in rooms, every time, after entering the flat.

    (c) Water and food is contaminated by (in liquid) resolved hair,

    (d) It is not possible to send text-messages (via SMS) and not
        make phone-calls by the newly purchased cell-phone, after
        the predecessor was stolen at supermarket.

    (e) Automatic teller machines are compromised and / or disabled,
        since, when they are tries to use those properly for its

    (f) It is not possible to purchase clean salmiak based products, e. g. 
        for decontaminating water and / or cleaning the flat, clothes.

    (g) It is not possible avoid purchasing faked products, e. g.
        sweets, chocolate-bars, utilities for cleaning, etc.

 This state lasts moreover than a year - life danger for my family and mine.

 I've lost trust in german law enforcement authorities, because it looks
 like that so called "gaslighting" still implemented, yet.

 As a U.S. Citizen, I am pledging via this message for help by the U.S.
 Government (directly), because it is not possible to establish communication
 the U.S. Ambassador and / or USAF CIS (LEA) in Germany directly by
 phone and / or by electronic mail.

    Henning Matyschok, Wasserlooser Weg 5, 24944, Flensburg, Germany 



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