[Bug 257905] misc/schilytools Character � displayed instead of ö

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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 08:02:34 +0000

--- Comment #11 from Jörg Schilling <schily_at_schily.net> ---
Internationalization is based on support for various different encodings.

It is a mistake to assume only a single "globally" used encoding, regardless of
which encodig this is. So assuming UTF-8 is also a mistake.

Maybe my conclusion is not yet understood:

UNICODE is an extension to the range of ISO-8859-1 and software that supports
UNICODE should be written in a way to support that. My pager p(1) does this. 

The only other method that currently could help is to install gettext () based
translations to the english language, even in case that the source language is
english as well. This is currently the only other widely supported method to
permit a hidden iconv() call to the output.

BTW: other authors seem to have resignated with internationalization and just
do not write their names correctly to avoid problems in similar cases.

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