[Bug 257905] misc/schilytools Character � displayed instead of ö

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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 09:45:30 +0000

--- Comment #4 from Robert Clausecker <fuz_at_fuz.su> ---
(In reply to Jörg Schilling from comment #3)


The error is reproducible in any standard UTF-8 locale.  I am not sure what
your pager does, but this sounds a lot like it takes input and inteprets it in
a different locale than it is supposed to be.

Do you really consider not implementing UTF-8 in an intentionally defective
manner to be “insufficient behaviour?”  Also note that Germany is not the navel
of the word and people do use 8-bit character sets other than ISO 8859-1.  So
for any country other than Germany, even the hack you have implemented in p
would yield defective results in the general case and be plain useless.

For example, consider a Japanese user whose native 8-bit encoding is Shift-JIS.
 What do you think this use thinks if your p turns his Shift-JIS documents into

There's really no excuse for you not adapting the copyright string to the
correct locale, or at least transliterate with oe if the encoding is not

As for translation files, GNU gettext supports automatically generating missing
strings from strings of other character sets for the same language.  So just
internationalising the software without any .mo files might already solve the
problem I think.

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