[Bug 257229] net-mgmt/wifimgr with multiple Wi-Fi interfaces

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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 11:19:34 +0000

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No feedback has yet been received from the OP.

The current development version, wifimgr-1.17.7, is available for download from
the project web site:

Since adding support for multiple WiFi interfaces involved a major recode of
the configuration parser for detecting the wlanN interfaces and the code that
finds aggregate interfaces (e.g., laggN interfaces that use wlanN) as well as
changes to many of wifimgr's functions that handle these interfaces, we are
requesting feedback that nothing got broken before publishing a FreeBSD port

Anyone wishing to test the development version is requested to download it from
the project web site.  Please then send feedback.  Thanks.

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