Re: best practices for updating?

From: Chuck Tuffli <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 17:28:04 -0700
Thanks for the feedback. See below for a couple of questions:

On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 3:05 AM Emmanuel Vadot <> wrote:
>  What I do on my systems is :
>  pkg upgrade --fetch-only
>  bectl create XXX
>  pkg upgrade FreeBSD-kernel-generic (or FreeBSD-kernel-generic-nodebug
> on some machines)
>  nextboot -o "-s"
>  shutdown -r now

So if I understand this correctly, after the reboot, the system should
come up in single user mode, yes? It didn't seem to work, but maybe I
confused things with the boot environments.

>  pkg upgrade FreeBSD-clibs (this takes care on ABI mismatch or new syscalls)

Running this from single-user errors out with "pkg: Insufficient
privilege to upgrade packages". But this make me suspect I
misunderstood the previous instructions.

>  pkg upgrade FreeBSD-runtime
>  pkg upgrade -r base
>  There is sometimes some others step needed when we move stuff from
> packages to packages or creates new packages
> (
> is a good example of such workaround sometimes needed).
>  Cheers,
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> Emmanuel Vadot <> <>
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