[package - main-arm64-default][www/nginx-full] Failed for nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 in lib-depends

From: <pkg-fallout_at_FreeBSD.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2024 02:59:27 UTC
You are receiving this mail as a port that you maintain
is failing to build on the FreeBSD package build server.
Please investigate the failure and submit a PR to fix

Maintainer:     joneum@FreeBSD.org
Log URL:        https://pkg-status.freebsd.org/ampere2/data/main-arm64-default/pe9c9c73181b5_sbd45bbe440f/logs/nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3.log
Build URL:      https://pkg-status.freebsd.org/ampere2/build.html?mastername=main-arm64-default&build=pe9c9c73181b5_sbd45bbe440f

=>> Building www/nginx-full
build started at Mon Feb 19 02:58:53 UTC 2024
port directory: /usr/ports/www/nginx-full
package name: nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
building for: FreeBSD main-arm64-default-job-02 15.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 15.0-CURRENT 1500014 arm64
maintained by: joneum@FreeBSD.org
Makefile datestamp: -rw-r--r--  1 root wheel 1912 Dec 14 01:05 /usr/ports/www/nginx-full/Makefile
Ports top last git commit: e9c9c73181b
Ports top unclean checkout: no
Port dir last git commit: a66d25ea356
Port dir unclean checkout: no
Poudriere version: poudriere-git-3.4.1
Host OSVERSION: 1500006
Jail OSVERSION: 1500014
Job Id: 02

!!! Jail is newer than host. (Jail: 1500014, Host: 1500006) !!!
!!! This is not supported. !!!
!!! Host kernel must be same or newer than jail. !!!
!!! Expect build failures. !!!

---Begin Environment---
UNAME_v=FreeBSD 15.0-CURRENT 1500014
---End Environment---

---Begin Poudriere Port Flags/Env---
---End Poudriere Port Flags/Env---

---Begin OPTIONS List---
===> The following configuration options are available for nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3:
     DEBUG=on: Build with debugging support
     DEBUGLOG=on: Enable debug log (--with-debug)
     DSO=on: Enable dynamic modules support
     FILE_AIO=on: Enable file aio
     IPV6=on: Enable IPv6 support
     NJS=on: Enable javascript (NJS) module
     NJS_XML=off: Enable XML functionality in NJS module
     THREADS=on: Enable threads support
     WWW=on: Enable html sample files
====> Modules that require HTTP module
     GOOGLE_PERFTOOLS=on: Enable google perftools module
     HTTP=on: Enable HTTP module
     HTTP_ADDITION=on: Enable http_addition module
     HTTP_AUTH_REQ=on: Enable http_auth_request module
     HTTP_CACHE=on: Enable http_cache module
     HTTP_DAV=on: Enable http_webdav module
     HTTP_DEGRADATION=off: Enable http_degradation module
     HTTP_FLV=on: Enable http_flv module
     HTTP_GUNZIP_FILTER=on: Enable http_gunzip_filter module
     HTTP_GZIP_STATIC=on: Enable http_gzip_static module
     HTTP_IMAGE_FILTER=on: Enable http_image_filter module
     HTTP_MP4=on: Enable http_mp4 module
     HTTP_PERL=on: Enable http_perl module
     HTTP_RANDOM_INDEX=on: Enable http_random_index module
     HTTP_REALIP=on: Enable http_realip module
     HTTP_SECURE_LINK=on: Enable http_secure_link module
     HTTP_SLICE=on: Enable http_slice module
     HTTP_SSL=on: Enable http_ssl module
     HTTP_STATUS=on: Enable http_stub_status module
     HTTP_SUB=on: Enable http_sub module
     HTTP_XSLT=on: Enable http_xslt module
     HTTPV2=on: Enable HTTP/2 protocol support (SSL req.)
     HTTPV3=off: Enable HTTP/3 protocol support
     HTTPV3_BORING=off: Use security/boringssl
     HTTPV3_LSSL=off: Use security/libressl-devel
     HTTPV3_QTLS=off: Use security/openssl-quictls
====> Modules that require MAIL module
     MAIL=on: Enable IMAP4/POP3/SMTP proxy module
     MAIL_IMAP=on: Enable IMAP4 proxy module
     MAIL_POP3=on: Enable POP3 proxy module
     MAIL_SMTP=on: Enable SMTP proxy module
     MAIL_SSL=on: Enable mail_ssl module
====> Modules that require STREAM module
     STREAM=on: Enable stream module
     STREAM_REALIP=off: Enable stream_realip module
     STREAM_SSL=on: Enable stream_ssl module (SSL req.)
     STREAM_SSL_PREREAD=on: Enable stream_ssl_preread module (SSL req.)
====> Third-party modules
     AJP=on: 3rd party ajp module
     AWS_AUTH=on: 3rd party aws auth module
     BROTLI=on: 3rd party brotli module
     CACHE_PURGE=on: 3rd party cache_purge module
     CLOJURE=on: 3rd party clojure module
     COOKIE_FLAG=off: 3rd party cookie_flag module
     CT=on: 3rd party cert_transparency module (SSL req.)
     DEVEL_KIT=on: 3rd party Nginx Development Kit module
     ARRAYVAR=on: 3rd party array_var module
     DRIZZLE=on: 3rd party drizzle module
     DYNAMIC_UPSTREAM=on: 3rd party dynamic_upstream module
     ECHO=on: 3rd party echo module
     ENCRYPTSESSION=on: 3rd party encrypted_session module
     FIPS_CHECK=off: 3rd party fips_check module
     FORMINPUT=on: 3rd party form_input module
     GRIDFS=on: 3rd party gridfs module
     HEADERS_MORE=on: 3rd party headers_more module
     HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE=on: 3rd party accept_language module
     HTTP_AUTH_DIGEST=on: 3rd party http_authdigest module
     HTTP_AUTH_KRB5=on: 3rd party http_auth_gss module
     HTTP_AUTH_LDAP=on: 3rd party http_auth_ldap module
     HTTP_AUTH_PAM=on: 3rd party http_auth_pam module
     HTTP_DAV_EXT=on: 3rd party webdav_ext module
     HTTP_EVAL=on: 3rd party eval module
     HTTP_FANCYINDEX=on: 3rd party http_fancyindex module
     HTTP_FOOTER=on: 3rd party http_footer module
     HTTP_GEOIP2=on: 3rd party geoip2 module
     HTTP_IP2LOCATION=on: 3rd party ip2location-nginx module
     HTTP_IP2PROXY=on: 3rd party ip2proxy-nginx module
     HTTP_JSON_STATUS=on: 3rd party http_json_status module
     HTTP_MOGILEFS=on: 3rd party mogilefs module
     HTTP_MP4_H264=on: 3rd party mp4/h264 module
     HTTP_NOTICE=on: 3rd party notice module
     HTTP_PROXY_CONNECT=off: 3rd party https proxy connect module
     HTTP_PUSH=on: 3rd party push module
     HTTP_PUSH_STREAM=on: 3rd party push stream module
     HTTP_REDIS=on: 3rd party http_redis module
     HTTP_SLICE_AHEAD=on: 3rd party http_slice_ahead module
     HTTP_SUBS_FILTER=on: 3rd party subs filter module
     HTTP_TARANTOOL=on: 3rd party tarantool upstream module
     HTTP_UPLOAD=on: 3rd party upload module
     HTTP_UPLOAD_PROGRESS=on: 3rd party uploadprogress module
     HTTP_UPSTREAM_CHECK=on: 3rd party upstream check module
     HTTP_UPSTREAM_FAIR=on: 3rd party upstream fair module
     HTTP_UPSTREAM_STICKY=on: 3rd party upstream sticky module
     HTTP_VIDEO_THUMBEXTRACTOR=on: 3rd party video_thumbextractor module
     HTTP_ZIP=on: 3rd party http_zip module
     ICONV=on: 3rd party iconv module
     LET=on: 3rd party let module
     LINK=on: 3rd party link function module
     LUA=on: 3rd party lua module
     MEMC=on: 3rd party memc (memcached) module
     MODSECURITY3=on: 3rd party modsecurity3 module
     NAXSI=on: 3rd party naxsi module
     OPENTRACING=on: 3rd party opentracing module
     PASSENGER=on: 3rd party passenger module
     POSTGRES=on: 3rd party postgres module
     RDS_CSV=on: 3rd party rds_csv module
     RDS_JSON=on: 3rd party rds_json module
     REDIS2=on: 3rd party redis2 module
     RTMP=on: 3rd party rtmp module
     SET_MISC=on: 3rd party set_misc module
     SFLOW=on: 3rd party sflow module
     SHIBBOLETH=on: 3rd party shibboleth module
     SLOWFS_CACHE=on: 3rd party slowfs_cache module
     SRCACHE=on: 3rd party srcache module
     STS=off: 3rd party sts module
     VOD=on: 3rd party vod module
     VTS=on: 3rd party vts module
     XSS=on: 3rd party xss module
     WEBSOCKIFY=on: 3rd party websockify module
====> GSSAPI implementation (imply HTTP_AUTH_KRB5): you can only select none or one of them
     GSSAPI_HEIMDAL=off: GSSAPI support via security/heimdal
     GSSAPI_MIT=on: GSSAPI support via security/krb5
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings
---End OPTIONS List---

===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/rake - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/rubygem-rake-13.1.0.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing rubygem-rake-13.1.0...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing ruby31-gems-3.4.20...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting ruby31-gems-3.4.20: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting rubygem-rake-13.1.0: .......... done
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/rake - found
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/openjdk8/bin/java - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/openjdk8-8.402.06.1_1.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing openjdk8-8.402.06.1_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing alsa-lib-1.2.10_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting alsa-lib-1.2.10_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing dejavu-2.37_3...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing fontconfig-2.15.0_2,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Installing expat-2.5.0_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Extracting expat-2.5.0_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Installing freetype2-2.13.2...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Installing brotli-1.1.0,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Extracting brotli-1.1.0,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Installing png-1.6.42...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Extracting png-1.6.42: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Extracting freetype2-2.13.2: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting fontconfig-2.15.0_2,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing mkfontscale-1.2.1_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Installing libfontenc-1.1.7...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Extracting libfontenc-1.1.7: ......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting mkfontscale-1.2.1_1: ....... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting dejavu-2.37_3: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing giflib-5.2.1_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting giflib-5.2.1_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing java-zoneinfo-2021.e...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting java-zoneinfo-2021.e: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing javavmwrapper-2.7.10...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting javavmwrapper-2.7.10: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libX11-1.8.7_1,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing libxcb-1.15_2...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Installing libXau-1.0.9_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Extracting libXau-1.0.9_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Installing libXdmcp-1.1.3...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Installing xorgproto-2023.2...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   |   `-- Extracting xorgproto-2023.2: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   | `-- Extracting libXdmcp-1.1.3: ......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting libxcb-1.15_2: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libX11-1.8.7_1,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libXext-1.3.6,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libXext-1.3.6,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libXi-1.8_1,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing libXfixes-6.0.0_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting libXfixes-6.0.0_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libXi-1.8_1,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libXrender-0.9.10_2...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libXrender-0.9.10_2: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libXt-1.2.1_1,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing libICE-1.1.0_2,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting libICE-1.1.0_2,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Installing libSM-1.2.3_1,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] |   `-- Extracting libSM-1.2.3_1,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libXt-1.2.1_1,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libXtst-1.2.3_3...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libXtst-1.2.3_3: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing libinotify-20211018_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting libinotify-20211018_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting openjdk8-8.402.06.1_1: .......... done
==> Running trigger: fontconfig.ucl
Running fc-cache to build fontconfig cache...
Message from freetype2-2.13.2:

The 2.7.x series now uses the new subpixel hinting mode (V40 port's option) as
the default, emulating a modern version of ClearType. This change inevitably
leads to different rendering results, and you might change port's options to
adapt it to your taste (or use the new "FREETYPE_PROPERTIES" environment

The environment variable "FREETYPE_PROPERTIES" can be used to control the
driver properties. Example:

FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=truetype:interpreter-version=35 \
	cff:no-stem-darkening=1 \

This allows to select, say, the subpixel hinting mode at runtime for a given

If LONG_PCF_NAMES port's option was enabled, the PCF family names may include
the foundry and information whether they contain wide characters. For example,
"Sony Fixed" or "Misc Fixed Wide", instead of "Fixed". This can be disabled at
run time with using pcf:no-long-family-names property, if needed. Example:


How to recreate fontconfig cache with using such environment variable,
if needed:
# env FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=pcf:no-long-family-names=1 fc-cache -fsv

The controllable properties are listed in the section "Controlling FreeType
Modules" in the reference's table of contents
(/usr/local/share/doc/freetype2/reference/index.html, if documentation was installed).
Message from dejavu-2.37_3:

Make sure that the freetype module is loaded.  If it is not, add the following
line to the "Modules" section of your X Windows configuration file:

	Load "freetype"

Add the following line to the "Files" section of X Windows configuration file:

	FontPath "/usr/local/share/fonts/dejavu/"

Note: your X Windows configuration file is typically /etc/X11/XF86Config
if you are using XFree86, and /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you are using X.Org.
Message from libinotify-20211018_1:

You might want to consider increasing the kern.maxfiles tunable if you plan
to use this library for applications that need to monitor activity of a lot
of files.
Message from openjdk8-8.402.06.1_1:

This OpenJDK implementation requires fdescfs(5) mounted on /dev/fd and
procfs(5) mounted on /proc.

If you have not done it yet, please do the following:

	mount -t fdescfs fdesc /dev/fd
	mount -t procfs proc /proc

To make it permanent, you need the following lines in /etc/fstab:

	fdesc	/dev/fd		fdescfs		rw	0	0
	proc	/proc		procfs		rw	0	0
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/openjdk8/bin/java - found
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/libkrb5support.so - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/krb5-1.21.2_3.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing krb5-1.21.2_3...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing gettext-runtime-0.22.3_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting gettext-runtime-0.22.3_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing readline-8.2.7_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting readline-8.2.7_1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting krb5-1.21.2_3: .......... done
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/libkrb5support.so - found
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/ruby31 - found
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on package: perl5>=5.36<5.37 - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/perl5-5.36.3_1.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing perl5-5.36.3_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting perl5-5.36.3_1: .......... done
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on package: perl5>=5.36<5.37 - found
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
=======================<phase: lib-depends    >============================
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libpcre2-8.so - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/pcre2-10.42_1.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing pcre2-10.42_1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting pcre2-10.42_1: .......... done
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libpcre2-8.so - found (/usr/local/lib/libpcre2-8.so)
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libbrotlicommon.so - found (/usr/local/lib/libbrotlicommon.so)
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libdrizzle.so - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/libdrizzle-0.8_7.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing libdrizzle-0.8_7...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Installing sqlite3-3.45.0_1,1...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] `-- Extracting sqlite3-3.45.0_1,1: .......... done
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting libdrizzle-0.8_7: .......... done
Message from libdrizzle-0.8_7:

===>   NOTICE:

The libdrizzle port currently does not have a maintainer. As a result, it is
more likely to have unresolved issues, not be up-to-date, or even be removed in
the future. To volunteer to maintain this port, please create an issue at:


More information about port maintainership is available at:

===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libdrizzle.so - found (/usr/local/lib/libdrizzle.so)
===>   Returning to build of nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libprofiler.so - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/google-perftools-2.10_4.pkg
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Installing google-perftools-2.10_4...
[main-arm64-default-job-02] Extracting google-perftools-2.10_4: .......... done
===>   nginx-full-1.24.0_4,3 depends on shared library: libprofiler.so - not found
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/ports/www/nginx-full