[Bug 264114] net/wireguard-kmod: Crashes on 13.1-RELEASE: panic: vm_fault_lookup: fault on nofault entry, addr: 0 (wireguard)

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2022 06:25:13 UTC

--- Comment #4 from Bernhard Froehlich <decke@FreeBSD.org> ---
Okay I keep this PR open to mark all future PRs as duplicates.

The reason for the panic is that all packages are build on 13.0 which works
fine for userland packages because they are compatible with 13.1. For kernel
modules there is no such compatibility guarantee so you have to build kernel
modules for exactly that kernel or you get panics like these.

This has been the situation for ages. Nothing new. Virtual box has had such bug
reports for years until all users were aware (removing module before reboot
etc.). With vbox it was even more critical because we traditionally loaded it
very early via loader which could result in a bootloop of panics. In a
DevSummit in 2012 we talked about that problem in a session. Finally about two
weeks ago jhb@ did send patches for virtualbox-kmod to address this.


It will not take another 10 years to fix it for wireguard.

For the moment if anyone experiences panics after an update (or fresh install
from 13.1) please don't use the binary package but install from ports using
"make install" to make sure it matches your kernel.

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