tap0 don't receive anything in a vm

From: Benoit Chesneau <benoitc_at_enki-multimedia.eu>
Date: Sun, 15 May 2022 12:32:49 UTC
My goal is to setup a p2p connection between the host and a guest vm and use the host as the nethop for the vm. I'm uskng bhyve for this setup:

1. on the host i create a tap tap0 interface and assign to it the IP 10.1.0,1
2. i create and start the vm using vm-bhyve.
3. in the vm I set the vtnet0 interface to and set the default router to

i can ping the host but nothing up. When i run tcpdump on the host for this interface i can see the ping reply coming but it doesn't go to the guest. Any idea what's wrong? could it be related to the setup of the console port in bhyve? -l com1,stdio .