Re: 60+% ping packet loss on Pi3 under -current and stable-13

From: Bakul Shah <>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2022 07:44:48 UTC
On May 1, 2022, at 11:12 AM, bob prohaska <> wrote:
> The "oui unknown" looks like some sort of failure.....

Just ignore. tcpdump couldn't identify the vendor.

Your tcpdump trace didn't give me anything useful.
One suggestion is to use -n flag so that tcpdump
doesn't do DNS resolution! Better, just use "-w file"
so that you capture a trace and then can filter it
different ways along with "-r file".

Create separate files for when connected to the public
vs private net.

> Can you ping I have no outside vantage point.
> There is still no outbound ping running and I would expect
> you'll get no or very sparse reply.

Looks like you are a customer? If so see if you can
get shell access on sonic. Then you can ping your hosts "from
the outside"!

Earlier I saw some packet loss. Right now I don't see any.

> Thus far only the two Pi3s suffer from connectivity problems; Pi2s and a Pi4 have
> no difficulty on the same address block. Is there a switch for tcpdump  that will
> limit records to relevant traffic? Otherwise it's a flood.

When see packet loss, do you see any IO errors when you do
"netstat -ni ue0"? Also check if your resolv.conf is set right
as well as your gateway.

> These results were obtained after standing idle overnight and
> are rather different (in ways I don't understand) from behavior
> immediately after reboot, I'll have to repeat as I learn more.
> Thanks for reading, and any more suggestions!
> bob prohaska