Wireguard, MTUs, and jumbo packets

From: <freebsd-net_at_brettglass.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2022 03:37:32 UTC

Would like to use the new Wireguard implementation, but need to 
know what it does to MTUs. I'd like a full 1500 byte MTU through 
the VPN tunnel, but this means that the packets that are sent 
between the client and server have to be BIGGER than 1500 bytes.

It takes a special feature to allow PPPoE to negotiate a larger MTU 
(see RFC 4638), and other PPP-based protocols such as L2TP wont do 
it at all. But what happens in Wireguard? I can find no 
documentation on this topic, so assistance would be appreciated.

--Brett Glass