Re: change to deprecate broadcast on host 0 of a subnet

From: Jamie Landeg-Jones <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2021 22:17:00 UTC
Mike Karels <> wrote:

> Comments are welcome on the review.  I will wait a couple of days
> for comments before proceeding.  I am also interested in comments on
> whether this should be MFC'ed to 13-stable after a suitable delay.

Personally, if an MFC isn't too timeconsuming to do, and there are no
worries about regression, I'd have thought it woud be advantgeous to
have STABLE matching CURRENT as far as possible. It would also speed
up the time we have to wait until this is standard on all supported

On a more personal note, I track STABLE on all my machines, and would
be willing to fiddle with this and the other inet4 changes, but
I don't have time to maintain running CURRENT on them, as they are
mostly in production use.

Of course, it's not about me, but I suspect I'm not the only one
with this opinion!

Cheers, Jamie