[Bug 243554] multicast packets not seen on PHY bridge member

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Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2021 09:35:06 UTC

--- Comment #9 from Patrick M. Hausen <pmh@hausen.com> ---
> 4. User should REMOVE IP from igb0 and ADD IP to the bridge (does not have one by default)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

All IP addresses MUST be on the bridge interface and not on any member.
FreeNAS/TrueNAS has been doing it wrong for years. The problem is with
dynamically generated bridge interfaces of course.
Most TrueNAS users won't notice, because there is not much in IPv4 that relies
on multicast. So it works, most of the time. With IPv6 things get interesting

If you plan to use VNET jails or VMs with tap and bridge, best practice is to
statically create the bridge at boot time via cloned_interfaces and configure
IP accordingly. Then point your VM/jail orchestration tool at the existing
bridge instead of having it create a new one.

> > [ ... statement by Kristof ...]
> Can you point me to this?

Private conversation, but you can of course just ask him.

That single statement in the handbook essentially says it all - but by far not
prominently enough, IMHO.

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